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i make discord bots on fivrr. if you want to commission me, heres the link //[replace this text with link once fivrr account is made]

DISCLAMER: this is a list of pointers on what to do when you have my code. once you have my code, my job ends. you are not paying me to set it up. you are paying me for the code. i will help you if you need it but it is a kindness not a service. any rude or agressive behavior will result in me no longer helping you.

all you need is a computer and a discord account. for the first concern, the bot will only work for as long as the file i send you is running. for it to work 24/7 your computer must be on and running the program 24/7. the screen can usually be off but it might not work in sleepmode. if thats not ideal there is an alternitive.

i suggest getting a raspberry pi (cheap, small computer only good for running small programs like mine) you can find just the motherboards for around $20 on amazon, or much cheaper from the manufacturers if they are in stock. the pi zero moddel should work fine. if you do this please be sure to not just get the board, but the neccessary parts like the micro-usb power supply, the micro-sd card with the opperating system for your raspberry pi, micro hdmi to hdmi addapter, etc. this is what i use but dont blame me if i missed anything. i dont work in tech support, i just make bots. there are lots of tutorials online of how to set up a raspberry pi. please find one before you buy anything.

i can make bots work in 2 ways, as a .exe file or as a .py file. meaning either your computer must run windows or be able to run python scripts. raspberry pi computers can run python scripts out of the box. i cant do mac currently because i dont have an apple computer to test on. just tell me which file type you can run and i'll make a bot for it.

for the second concern, you just need a discord account. this is so you can register the bot with your discord account. there are tutorials for this too. it is very simple to do. for my bots you can just set bot permissions to admin. i will ask you for the bot key before sending you the program. the bot key is very important and should be absolutely kept private. its the way discord recognizes your bot. so if someone else finds your key they can run their own code and make your bot do anything they want. please do not give anyone else your key.

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